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Charlize Theron Demands to Meet Lunch Ladies at South African Horrorfest!

Charlize Theron

Thanks to native South African, Charlize Theron, the Lunch Ladies are an official selection of the 13th annual South African Horrorfest! Though the ladies have never met Ms. Theron, she has been a fan of theirs for quite some time and personally called the organizers of the fest demanding:

"If you don't let the Lunch Ladies in, my Monster will come out."

Unknown to mainstream media, Charlize always wanted to be a Lunch Lady. Unfortunately the demands of being an Oscar winning actress eclipsed her lifelong dream of working in the cafeteria and wearing a hairnet. Her hope is to meet the Lunch Ladies on her turf so they can exchange stories, dreams and beauty secrets.

As for the Lunch Ladies, they said this:

"We're flattered that Charlize is such a huge fan. But frankly, we don't really like people. We like cats and Johnny Depp. And, of course Leatherface. But, everyone else? We just don't care. But if we have to meet her, we'll meet her. Ugh."

Lunch Ladies plays on Friday, October 27 at 6:15PM in Cape Town in the SHADOWS REALM SHORT FILM VOL. 1 SECTION. Buy Tickets HERE

Lunch Ladies is one of only 4 shorts from the USA playing at the fest and is screening with the following films from around the world:

Room For Rent (Spain)

Terminatryx - "Medusa" (South Africa)

Last Memory (Spain)

Sol (Brazil)

Fried Barry (South Africa)

I Am The Doorway (Czech Republic)

Bye Bye Baby (Spain)

I Love Eva Marsh (France) The Scottish Play (UK)


Facebook: @SouthAfricanHorrorfest

Twitter: @SAHorrorfest

Instagram: @terminatryx



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