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TSA Stops Lunch Ladies Writer/Producer On Way To France Bearing Bloody Lunch Lady Gifts

Twisted Wonderland Perfumery

Writer/Producer Clarissa Jacobson was recently stopped by LAX airport security on her way to the Clermont-Ferrand Film Fest in France. Apparently, because she’s a kiss ass, she thought it was a great idea to bring gifts for the programmers who championed the film. But what to get them? The Lunch Ladies being strangely helpful suggested their signature “Lunch Is Served” ear pie soap made by Twisted Wonderland Perfumery. It comes in its very own pie tin and has a bloody crust with a severed ear and finger stuck in the filling. Clarissa wasn’t sure about it, but agreed because she’s easily manipulated; especially by characters she created. Instantly flagged at security, her bag was ripped apart for “suspicious contraband.” When the offending matter was discovered, Clarissa was forced to do a lot of fancy dancing. Cursing out the Lunch Ladies - “Those f*cking Lunch Ladies! I knew this was a bad idea!” - TSA finally felt sorry for her and sent her on her way telling her to never come back. Said Seretta: “So what if everyone in line looked over at Clarissa when that TSA power trip screamed “What the hell are these?!” The important thing is our signature soap made it to France.” Said LouAnne “So what if the TSA almost did a Midnight Express body cavity search on Clarissa, the important thing is the soap arrived safely and the programmers now think of us every single time they take a shower.”

The Lunch Ladies screened at Clermont-Ferrand from February 2-10.

An Oscar qualifying fest, Clermont-Ferrand is the longest running and biggest film festival in the world dedicated to short films. This year marks their 40th Anniversary. Second only to Cannes (which the Lunch Ladies say is too snobby for their taste) Clermont-Ferrand boasts over 160,000 attendees and now boasts the Lunch Ladies. The film screened àl a carte in Clermont's Special Retrospective Program: Dinner Is Served!

Clermont Ferrand Film Fest


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Twisted Wonderland Perfumery created “Lunch Is Served” ear pie soap in her twisted laboratory in honor of the film and has loads of other wonderful and disgustingly awesome handmade delicious smelling VEGAN soaps, perfumes and other delights for the body.

Facebook: @twistedwonderlandperfumery

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Twisted Wonderland Perfumery



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