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Lunch Ladies Interviewed By MUFF Society - Discuss The Depper But Avoid Topic Of Murder

The MUFF Society

Reports from the dark web have confirmed that the Lunch Ladies have been interviewed by the Monthly Underground Female Film Society aka MUFF Society and have ran their mouths on everything from feminism to The Depper but have avoided the topic of murder.

Read the full story HERE!

Said Seretta, sporting a jacked pink glittery MUFF tee that she tried to sell to founder Siân Melton for a 1000% markup: "We were thrilled that MUFF wanted to interview us but we were nervous. Sure, we're underground and we love the color pink, but some could say we aren't a shining example of womanhood. So, we decided to avoid the topic of murder like Anthrax."

LouAnne, making some jacked coon tail key chains that she hopes to unload on Melton, explained more in-depth: "What happened with that cheerleader was not our fault, but we couldn't risk MUFF bailing on us. Therefore we decided to put our best face forward and talk about important things, like The Depper. Thanks MUFF Society for a great interview!"

The Monthly Underground Female Film Society aka MUFF Society is a feminist community based in Toronto (with prior pop-ups in NYC and San Francisco) that celebrates women—both on and off screen—in film and television. MUFF has been following the films at Calgary Underground Film Fest and decided to speak to the Ladies hoping to get the inside scoop but instead got an earful of Depp.

Calgary Underground Film Fest runs from April 16-22. The Lunch Ladies played in the "A Turn For The Worst" Section.

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The Calgary Underground Festival is in its 15th year and is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to programming films that defy convention.

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