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Lunch Ladies Head To Oklahoma For deadCenter Film Fest - Plan To Suck It Up And Eat Okra Like Locals

deadCenter Film Festival

The dark web has confirmed that the Lunch Ladies are heading to Oklahoma for the deadCenter film Festival where they plan to suck it up and eat okra like the locals.

The vegetable, which Lunch Ladies choreographer/producer, born and bred Oklahoman, Joe Bratcher, has described as "stringy" and "only edible if fried," is not stopping the Ladies who are determined to show their Okie chutzpah and dig in.

Said Seretta, fanning her foot after just removing a callous from it with a belt sander: "One thing we've learned at these fests is it really helps to kiss a*s, I mean, stand in solidarity with the customs of the region. Getting an opportunity to not only screen at deadCenter while also eating this Okie native dish is simply... um... hey, Lou, you tell 'em."

LouAnne, running lard through her ducktail because she's out of gel, shrugged: "Well, see, Okra is... it's... anyhow, who cares about Okra as long as we have a six-pack of Colt 45 to chase it we're golden! Thanks deadCenter for the selection!"

deadCenter is Oklahoma’s largest film festival and one of the coolest film festivals in the world. Since 2001, deadCenter has attracted the best independent films from around the world to downtown Oklahoma City and provided year-round programming and education opportunities for students and working professionals.

The Lunch Ladies play in deadCenter's "dc After Dark Shorts" Program in Oklahoma City on Thursday, June 7 at 9pm at the Tapstone Theater at Harkins Cinema. They also play on Saturday, June 9 at 7:15pm at Stella Nova Theatre at Harkins Bricktown Cinema.

deadCenter Film Festival

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