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Dark Lord Grants Lunch Ladies Wildest Fantasy By Forcing Germany's Fantasy Filmfest To Screen Them

Fantasy Filmfest

Reports across the world are aflame with the news that the Lunch Ladies are an official selection of Germany's Fantasy Filmfest after The Dark Lord pitched in. The Ladies have issued a red hot press release that simply said "Amen."

Apparently, the Lunch Ladies knew there was no chance in this realm they would ever be part of Fantasy Filmfest unless they traveled to another realm and enlisted the help of their old pal:

Said Seretta, smug as a dead body in a rug: "It was a no-brainer. Fantasy Filmfest thrives on fantasy so naturally, we used fantasy against them. Within minutes of conjuring The Dark Lord from his lair, those programmers were burnt toast. Amen."

LouAnne, modeling some lederhosen she made from a raccoon she hit last week with the Buick, added: "I hope we've awed and inspired dreamers like us everywhere. Amen to the Dark Lord for putting Fantasy Filmfest's feet to the fire and making our wildest fantasies come true!"

The Fantasy Filmfest runs from September 5-30 in cities across Germany screening the fantastic, horrific and unique: Fear Good Film. The festival had 3,000 short film submissions and chose 10. The Lunch Ladies will screen in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, München, Köln, and Nürnberg leaving no possible escape for German citizens.

Fantasy Filmfest

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