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Lunch Ladies and A Very Important Film Are the Newest “Playas” in the FilmCrib


The Lunch Ladies have rapped to anyone that will listen that they are now the newest players er… “playas” to the recently launched streaming service, FilmCrib. In addition, sources have confirmed that A Very Important Film (VIF), the astounding, thought provoking five minute follow up to Lunch Ladies will also be screened.

Important filmmaker Clarissa Jacobson gave us an exclusive quote on her controversial decision to keepVIF’s inclusion on the downlow.

“Though I am positively thrilled A Very Important Film will stream on FilmCrib, it’s an absolute shame that they also chose the biggest mistake of my career – Lunch Ladies – to play as well. I’ve no choice but to keep the information private or risk being associated with the foul short I once created. Such is the folly of life.”

Meanwhile, the Lunch Ladies, donning gold chains, smoking blunts and wearing Cardi B Freestyle kicks that they shoplifted from their local Reebok Store, are celebrating.

Said Seretta, fashioning a teeth grill from some leftover greasy aluminum foil from the cafeteria: “Yo. We always wanted to be playas and invite all our homies down to our (Film)crib. Now we finally can. Right Shorty?”

LouAnne, sporting some brass knuckles, nodded: “Word. And don't call me Shorty.”

Lunch Ladies will screen starting July 31 for Horror Month and A Very Important Film is available now HERE!

FilmCrib is a new streaming service exclusively for short films which was launched by Australian actor and filmmaker Anthony Hayes. All shorts are free to watch. The filmmaker is compensated on a per-view basis in the form of cryptocurrency. The Lunch Ladies opened their crypto wallet and believe they are to be millionaires soon.

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