• Clarissa Jacobson

Lunch Ladies Serve Up Turkish Delight To The Gladiator Film Festival

The Lunch Ladies are smug as two bodies in a rug after ticking off another country on their bucket list. This time they head to Turkey for The Gladiator Film Festival after bombarding programmers with Turkish Delight which is alleged to use the same “quality” ingredients as their world-infamous pot pies.

Seretta, exhaling a cloud of stinky smoke from a DIY hookah pipe comprised of an old garden hose and a bleach bottle, said: “Woohoo! Good stuff!” then explained how they did it: “We’d been trying to get to Istanbul not Constantinople for years and finally saw our chance with The Gladiator Fest. When they gave us the cold shoulder, we decided to-”

Snatching the pipe out of Seretta’s talons, LouAnne scowled: “Stop hogging it all! Go pour us some come Colt 45 from the samovar we ripped off last week.” Taking a big hit, LouAnne calmed, then proceeded to enlighten us on how the deplorable duo pulled off the scam: “It was easy. We parachuted our “special” Turkish Delight direct to programmer’s offices. Soon as they discovered tasty fingers er... tasty bits mixed in, they agreed to program us if we promised not to send any more.”

Seretta and LouAnne: “Total win! Thanks Gladiator Fest for finally bringing us to Turkey! What a delight!”

The Lunch Ladies screen on May 31 - details can be found HERE.

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