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We used 10 gallons of blood, 10 gallons of slime/goo, 15 gallons of “food,” 40 pounds of potatoes (200 pounds brought to set) and 13 pounds of ground meat.  

48 pie tops were made of salt dough and varnished, a hot glue gun was used to attach the tops to pie tins.  25-30 real pies were made.  20 pounds of flour was used and the meatloaf was made from cheap very fatty ground beef, SpaghettiOs and Saltine Crackers - a big loaf of greasy gristle with wormy looking bits – yummy!


We prepped the film for four months and filmed over the course of two weekends in South Central Los Angeles.


Our first catered meal was awful – we had to fire the real lunch ladies on the Lunch Ladies’ set.

Shayna Weber, our producer, gave birth to her son, Max Bowie Band, two weeks before we filmed.

We had a diverse cast and crew which included African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, Caucasians, a French production coordinator, Spanish composer, music producer and music manager, an orchestra in Budapest and handicapped actor/screenwriter Kent Rodricks who was one of the first successful spinal fusion surgeries in the world.  (Kent told us to put this in.)

Our final horror scene went way over schedule and we finished cleaning up gallons of fake blood only one hour before kids were to arrive for Monday morning school.

The fake decapitated leg that Seretta holds up in the T-Rex Meat Grinder scene is a cast of Clarissa’s.  The fake ear in the pie is a cast of Matt Falletta's.


After the shoot, Clarissa hung up the Lunch Ladies’  parking sign in the parking spot at her apartment.  The landlord made her take it down.    

Lunch Ladies Parking Sign
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