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Lunch Ladies Bite Hand That Feeds Them - Sue Their Writer/Producer After Pop Horror Features Her for

Pop Horror

In a typical Hollywood move, the Lunch Ladies have bit the hand the fed them by suing the woman who gave them life. Apparently, Pop Horror featured writer/producer Clarissa Jacobson for Women In Horror Month and the Lunch Ladies are hopping mad.

Read the story HERE!

Scrubbing the rust off a nasty hacksaw with a Brillo Pad, Seretta said: "So what if Clarissa birthed us in her sick imagination, everyone knows characters like us write ourselves. The fact she's taking credit for what we did and pretending she's a Woman of Horror when it should've been us is positively appalling."

LouAnne, sharpening a large cleaver said: "Clarissa wouldn't know the first thing about being a Woman of Horror. Has she ever murdered anyone? No. WE HAVE. It's us who should've been interviewed. She better hope she hears from our lawyers before she hears from us."

When asked for comment, Clarissa said, "I gave them life and I"ll give them death if they continue to keep this SH*T up."

See Pop Horror's Initial Review of the short HERE

Tori Danielle

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