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Lunch Ladies Try To Be Graceful On Red Carpet - Ballet Choreographer Rebecca Ruschell: "No Dice"

The Lunch Ladies have been working hard at making themselves over now that "fame" is knocking on their door.

Most recently, they unsuccessfully attempted to get "fly" by enrolling in Hip Hop Choreographer's Monika Felice Smith's classes, took a crack at being back up singers for Tra Cee but discovered they were "tone deaf AF" and now have been shut down by ballerina, Rebecca Ruschell who tried, but finally gave up and told them "No Dice."

Said Seretta, incinerating the tutu she purchased before learning they were a lost cause: "Rebecca felt really bad but it's not her fault, one has to accept the hand Satan deals them. We thunder like elephants on the red carpet, but hey, at least people know we've arrived."

LouAnne, rubbing her toes after setting aflame those "torture chamber" ballet pointe shoes, simply said: "Shit happens. Thanks Rebecca for trying."

Rebecca Ruschell was the ballet choreographer on Lunch Ladies who made our lunchroom come to life along with: Joe Bratcher, Tap and Monika Felice Smith, Hip Hop. Rebecca is an incredible GRACEFUL ballerina and is the owner of the dance store: Gypsy Wears.

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Lunch Ladies Ballet Dancers

Rebecca and her team of ballet delinquentz on set: L to R - Janice Laraine, Kendra Joy Levy, Luis Martinez, and Ami Shimada.

Gypsy Wears

Follow Rebecca & Gypsy Wears at:

Website: Facebook: @GypsyWears

Instagram: @gypsywearsshop Twitter: @gypsywears



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