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Lunch Ladies A Selection Of Bend Film Fest - Hopeful They Won't Embarrass Bend Native Shayna Weber

The Lunch Ladies are flying high with their recent selection by the Bend Film Fest in Oregon and have gone on record to say they're hopeful they won't embarrass producer, Shayna Weber.

Weber is concerned.

Now residing in Los Angeles, Shayna was born and bred in Bend and has fond memories of raising goats for 4H, laying pipe in her backyard, and wearing hot pink rubber bands on her braces. Initially, she was thrilled when her hometown accepted the film she was tricked into working on, but her joy quickly evaporated when she realized the ramifications.

Said Weber, face wracked with worry: "I really want to make a good impression when I'm back, but with those Lunch Ladies following me around town it'll be futile. My best hope now is to drink a lot of wine, eat some fresh caught salmon and lay low until the sh*t storm passes."

Writer/producer Clarissa Jacobson, who is used to being embarrassed by the Lunch Ladies, just shrugged her shoulders and declared: "Sorry, Sha nay nay, that's life with the Lunch Ladies! Thanks Bend for the selection!

Bend Film Fest is in its 15th year and runs from October 11-14 in Bend, Oregon.

Lunch Ladies screens on Friday, October 12 at 8:15pm and Saturday, October 13 at 10:30pm. Full details can be found HERE!

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