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Journalists “Sick of Writing about the Lunch Ladies” but Forced to with Recent Breaking News

The Lunch Ladies continue to infuriate journalists around the world who are “sick of writing about them” but are forced to report their “breaking news.”

In fact, I’m sick of writing about them, but these b*tches are relentless.*

Over the last two months the obnoxious duo scored a special Halloween screening for Clermont Ferrand Festival - “Courts Collectifs” – and another in November for Animal Film Fest's curated Limbo Program. In addition, they hijacked the front page of Shortly’s weekly newsletter (see the audacity below) and continue to be a blight on Alter’s YouTube page garnering nearly half-a-million views and counting.

When asked for comment on the fact that they’re older than dirt (they debuted in August of 2017) yet continue to defy the odds by avoiding the short film graveyard in the sky, both women high-fived one another, did the happy dance, and irritatingly screamed:

“We’re flipping legends, what can we say?”

See Lunch Ladies on Alter, Shortly and other fine platforms HERE.

*For those suffering from too much Lunch Ladies there is help. A new Melvin High chat group – Lunch Ladies Need to Go Away - was started by an enterprising student (who strangely disappeared last week). The group now boasts over 100,000,000 disgruntled members who have found solace in one another’s pain over being subjected to the duo.


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