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Lunch Ladies Now Streaming on Jackalope with Other Weirdos - “Stoked”

The Lunch Ladies have officially gone on record to state that they’re “stoked” to be streaming on Jackalope Studio after discovering that the channel is filled with weirdos.

I caught up with the dynamic duo - who were in the process of Frankensteining their very own Jackalope mascot in honor of the event - to get the scoop on the story.

Seretta, polishing some fake antlers she lifted from a cosplayer at an anime convention last year gushed: “We couldn’t be more stoked to be programmed amongst the weirdos on Jackalope. It gets lonely being the only freak and it’s nice to be surrounded by other freaks just like us, right Lou?”

Waiting patiently with a needle, thread and a gutted rabbit, LouAnne in a bloody apron nodded, “Absolutely. We thought we were a car wreck - Ha! You should see some of the disasters on this channel - it's heartwarming. Rett, quit f*cking around with those antlers, this carcass isn’t getting any younger.”

In other news, much to their duress, A Very Important Film has also been programmed on the Jackalope channel. Clarissa Jacobson, the very important filmmaker behind the compelling doc stated: "It's appalling to be surrounded by so many... oddities on Jackalope, I can only blame my sordid past with the Lunch Ladies for this deeply distressing turn of events."

See the Lunch Ladies and A Very Important Film on Jackalope HERE.

Jackalope Studios is a full-service entertainment production company, specializing in visionary creative direction and narrative development. With an extensive background in film and theatre, they approach every project through spirited, artistic collaboration in order to tell stories that are innovative, inventive and highly imaginative. Their channel showcases their own work as well as other talent they wish to promote.


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