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Lunch Ladies Sanctioned After Planning to Blow Up World on Nuclear Home Video

This past week the Lunch Ladies were slapped with sanctions from the United Nations after they announced they planned to blow up the world on a new streamer called Nuclear Home Video.

To add insult to injury, their arch nemesis, A Very Important Film, was also programmed on the platform, but they didn’t get in trouble with the UN because they always follow important rules like not blowing up the world.

Whatever the case, the duo stated that the whole thing was a “misunderstanding” and confirmed that they’d be suing the “idiots in HAZMAT suits” who broke a coveted Johnny Depp statuette after storming their house in search of Uranium.

Seretta, collecting the shattered pieces of The Depper’s head to superglue it back together, explained, “When we said we were going to “blow up the world” we obviously meant Nuclear Home Video viewers would be “blown away” by how awesome we are. Doesn’t anyone understand metaphors anymore? Jeesh, get an education.”

Finding The Depper’s nose in the cat litter box, LouAnne exclaimed: “Score! Anyways, even if we wanted to blow up the world we couldn’t. We were denied nuclear weapons in a treaty with Réunion Island years ago. Duh.”

See the Lunch Ladies on Nuclear Home Video HERE!

See A Very Important Film on Nuclear Home Video HERE!

Nuclear Home Video is an AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD streaming channel - and a fully integrated movie studio. They specialize in independent, arthouse, and B-movie. NHV is an alternative to mainstream blockbuster movies by giving a voice and platform to upcoming writers, directors, and actors.

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