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Lunch Ladies to Stream on Mexico’s Canal 22 - Arrested After Partying too Hard

Breaking NEWZ!

After being told the incredible news they would be streaming on Mexico’s Canal 22*, The Lunch Ladies partied too hard, were arrested, and spent the night in jail.

One of only six films chosen for a retrospective in honor of the 7th anniversary of the Film Festival - 24 Risas Por Segundo, Festival De Cine Y Comedia** - the ladies celebrated the event by blasting La Cucaracha nonstop, downing homemade Mezcal, then passing out on their lawn wearing Day of the Dead makeup.

Neighbors were not amused.

Seretta, nursing a nasty hangover, unable to move from the ripped-up La-Z-Boy they found by the side of the road explained: “We’ve been trying to get into Mexican homes for flippin’ ever. Can you blame us for … ugh… Lou, tell ‘em the rest I gotta barf.”

Going for some hair of the dog by downing an earthworm they dug up from the backyard and cured in the Mezcal, LouAnne continued, “We even made a piñata that looked like Principal Grossfetig and beat the hell out of it. What better way to celebrate streaming in Mexico?”

Both: “Happy Birthday 24 Risas Por Segundo and thanks to you and Canal 22 for streaming us!

*Operated by the Secretariat of Culture, Canal 22 is one of Mexico’s principal public television stations. Their signal covers the entire Mexican Republic and also reaches the USA on its International signal, through pay TV, VOD and OTT.

**Congrats to the other poor saps that have to share the spotlight with the Lunch Ladies: RINGO ROCKET STAR and his song for Yuri Gagarin, Panic Attack!, PUNCHLINE, The Bald Future, and Trial & Error.

See the Lunch Ladies on Canal 22 - Details HERE!

Follow 24 Risas Por Segundo at: Website: Facebook: @24RisasXsegundo Instagram: @24risasxsegundo_fest Twitter: @24RisasXSeg

Follow Canal 22 at:

Website: Facebook: @Canal22Mexico Instagram: @canal22oficial Twitter: @Canal22 YouTube: @Canal22 TikTok: @Canal22


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