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Lunch Ladies To Sport Versace Knockoff Dresses And Bloody Bangles At Mexico's 24 Risas Fest

24 Risas Por Segundo

JUST IN! The Lunch Ladies will be sporting matching sequined knockoff polyester Versace gowns and Bloody Bangles* for Mexico's 24 Risas Por Segundo, Festival De Cine Y Comedia.

In an amazing show of shopping perseverance, the exhausted women worked on their star-studded look day and night for weeks after being invited to screen at the festival's Opening Ceremony:

Said Seretta, collapsing on an old couch stained with red... pizza sauce: "It's such an honor to be part of 24 Risas' Opening Ceremony so we knew we had to bring Lunch Lady glamour to a whole new level. Tell 'em Lou."

LouAnne, holding a filthy wet compress to her head and downing two aspirins, nodded: "Expect to see fresh hairnets, semi-clean pantyhose, and... wait for it... we're going to wash the Buick! Thanks 24 Risas, Por Segundo for the selection we can't wait to show you our dazzling look!"

The third annual 24 Risas Por Segundo (24 Laughs Per Second), Festival De Cine Y Comedia takes comedy seriously! Programmers received 303 short films and chose 12. Based in Mexico City the festival runs from August 1-5. The Lunch Ladies play the opening ceremony, August 1 at the amazingly stunning Cinema Coyoacán.

*The Ladies have asked the festival to let fans know that autographs will cost a "only" $50 and one "lucky" raffle winner will get a photo with them and a cardboard cutout of The Depper.

24 Risas Por Segundo

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Twitter: @24RisasXSeg

EDG Jewelry

*This delightful Bloody Bangle, made especially by EDG Jewelry for the Lunch Ladies, is now, by popular demand, being hawked in The Lunch Ladies Jacked School Store!

Follow EDG Jewelry at:

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Unlucky Mexico can't seem to shake the Lunch Ladies who have now been there four times: Mórbido Fest, Post Mortem Festival, KINÉ, Muestra de Cortometrajes and now 24 Risas Por Segundo, Festival De Cine Y Comedia. When will the insanity end?

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