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Highly Caffeinated Lunch Ladies Return from Colombia’s BOGOSHORTS - “Totally Stimulating”

The Lunch Ladies have finally come down from ODing on Colombian coffee to talk semi-coherently about their recent trip to the BOGOSHORTS Festival in Bogotá. Both have gone on record to say the trip was “totally stimulating” even though they were never invited and no one wanted them there.

Apparently, the reprehensible duo stalked their writer/producer Clarissa Jacobson all the way to the top fest where she was invited to be part of the jury and teach a masterclass on her book - I Made A Short Film Now WTF Do I Do With It (a guide to film festivals, promotion, and surviving the ride).

Once there, the annoying duo elbowed their way into her talk, demanded a screening, peddled pot pies trying to pass them off as arepas, then embarrassed Ms. Jacobson by running their mouths nonstop about how great they were after downing too many espressos.

Said Ms. Jacobson, lamenting their appearance: “I was having the time of my life at BOGOSHORTS until those b*tches showed up. It was a disaster, after that I was a pariah, and no one wanted anything to do with me.”

In answer, the Lunch Ladies merely shrugged their shoulders and reiterated how much they loved BOGOSHORTS and Colombian coffee going on to share that they purchased a new coffee grinder that can double for “grinding up meat in a pinch.”

BOGOSHORTS was started in 2003 and is one of the top short film festivals in Colombia, drawing tens of thousands of people every year. An Oscar and Goya qualifying fest, it also awards national and international shorts in various categories with the coveted Santa Lucía statuette.

Learn more about BOGOSHORTS at:

Website: Twitter: @BOGOSHORTS Facebook: @festivalbogoshorts Instagram: @BOGOSHORTS Pinterest: @BOGOSHORTS Vimeo: @BOGOSHORTS TikTok: @BOGOSHORTS

Clarissa as Juror at the festival, trying to forget the horror of the Lunch Ladies.


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