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Great Canadian Horror Fest Awards J.M. Logan Best Director – Lunch Ladies Say “Whoop-te-do”

Breaking newz!

J.M. Logan, has won best director for Lunch Ladies at the Great Canadian Horror Fest, but the despicable Lunch Ladies have responded to the news with a flippant “Whoop-te-do.”

Apparently, the narcissistic duo has been unable to offer even the smallest of congratulations to the beaten down director that they’ve plagued for the last six years with their bad behavior.

When asked why, Seretta, trying to forget Logan’s win by watching a 24-hour 21 Jump Street marathon, sneered “Why? It’s obvious, geez! Who cares about the flipping director, everyone knows awards should go to us, we’re the stars, right Lou?!”

LouAnne, trying to forget Logan’s win by shotgunning a Colt 45, belched then scowled “Totes. That schlump hardly did anything, we’re the ones who had to cook all night to make our Depper dreams come true, and now he’s got an award, life is so unfair.”

Meanwhile, Logan was overjoyed stating “I’ve suffered so much because of those wretched Lunch Ladies, I can’t thank the Great Canadian Horror Fest enough for this amazing honor and for recognizing the hardships I’ve gone through! You rock!”

The Great Canadian Horror Film Festival is an international film festival based in Toronto Canada which is dedicated to showcasing the works of horror filmmakers from around the world.

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