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Lunch Ladies Furious That Hollywood Horrorfest Awards Alicia & Ray Ho Best Production Design

Ray & Alicia Ho

JUST IN! The Lunch Ladies are hopping mad over husband-wife team Ray & Alicia Ho winning Best Production Design this past weekend at Hollywood Horrorfest.

Apparently, the Ladies had asked the production designers for a state-of-the-art kitchen with brand new appliances, a convection oven, Williams Sonoma Nonstick Tools, Ginsu Knives, and a Cuisinart but instead got a nightmare:

Said Seretta, prepping a Molotov Cocktail she plans to throw through Horrorfest windows: "This is war! WAR! Who in their right mind would ever award Ray & Alicia anything?! Our kitchen had none of the sh*t we asked for, was completely JACKED and majorly sucked!"

LouAnne, unveiling two dozen rotten eggs she plans to throw at Horrorfest programmers as soon as they emerge from HQ: "Our kitchen was a dump. Fly traps, crusty food, rusty pans, there was even a flipping wallpaper cutter! What the h*ll was a flipping wallpaper cutter doing in there?!"

BOTH: "Those two knuckleheads did a horrible job!"

When asked for comment, Hollywood Horrorfest said "Those two knuckleheads won that prize fair and square. Congrats Alicia and Ray!"

Ray and Alicia Ho

Husband and wife team, Ray and Alicia Ho have done production design and set dressing for film, TV, various music videos and theatre. In addition, Ray is a bitchin’ tattoo artist and builder boy wonder while Alicia has a background in Interior design, Art History and is fierce with a sewing machine. Ray and Alicia were hired one week before filming, and were able to transform the Lunch Ladies’ empty kitchen into a huge mess that really pissed off the Ladies.

For Extra Credit, check out the charming Eastern Block Posters they created for the film as well as the School Mascot.

Special shout out to artist Krystopher Sapp, who was the creator of the amazing meat grinder which goes by the name of T-Rex. You can find his art HERE. And we must also mention Susan Boyle who was our food stylist and made our delicious pot pies and the amazing spread below.

Krystopher Sapp

Lunch Ladies

Hollywood Horrorfest

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