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Thanks For Contaminating My Dream Life

Estelle Matranga our production coordinator told us she had a horrifying dream about a school where kids ate some pies made out of their classmates. This was BEFORE she read Lunch Ladies.

And then...

We got an email from Levi Kaminkowitz - our awesome gaffer.

Looks like we really got the right crew on our project:

Hey Guys,

Levi here. So, I had the most horrifying dream last night that was kind of similar to the plot of Lunch Ladies. I was at a school and somehow I and a few others discovered a bunch of body parts. We reported it and everyone decided to help clean it up. It was chopped up humans all over the floor of nearly the entire school as well as cat feces and other feces mixed in, almost like it overflowed from somewhere. I was not into wanting to clean it up and tried to tell people that we shouldn't. But, they were all insistent on cleaning it up so I halfway started helping. I was feeling really wheezy at the smell and sight and realized how messed up it was that we had to clean it up. I refused to soon after and told everyone that it's not our responsibility. No one seemed to care and I kept telling them to let the janitors do it. I went to wash off and then found a room that had some food in it. I started snacking and was wondering if germs were still on my hands and I felt so sick to my stomach as I could still smell the body parts and feces. That was basically the dream. I woke up in real life and felt sick to my stomach like in the dream. In the dream I was filled with such a sense of horror at the crime scene, it hit me like a ton of bricks, but no one seemed to care.

There you go! Thanks for contaminating my dream life!!!



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