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Lunch Ladies Now On CubeStream – “They’re a Virus We Can’t Shake”

A new streamer, CubeStream, has warned journalists around the world that they’ve been infected with the Lunch Ladies, stating:


“They’re a virus we can’t shake.”


It all started when CubeStream chose A Very Important Film to screen on the channel. Unfortunately, they were unaware that A Very Important Film had been harboring an advanced case of the Lunch Ladies who cling to them like a bad case of the clap.


Clarissa Jacobson, very important filmmaker of A Very Important Film, and horrified creator of the unimportant film Lunch Ladies lamented:


“After I made A Very Important Film, I thought the world would forget my faux pas of the Lunch Ladies … how terribly wrong I was! Alas, no matter how many times I kick my bastard child to the curb they rise from the dead like Chuckie to stab me in the face.”


The Lunch Ladies who were celebrating the recent distribution on CubeStream by oiling up their chainsaw, letting it run, and yelling "Yee Haw" guffawed:


“Tough nuts Clarissa and CubeStream - you’re stuck with us!”


To see Lunch Ladies and A Very Important Film on CubeStream, simply sign up and enjoy!


For more places to see the films go HERE.

Website: Facebook: X: @CUBESTREAM1 Instagram: @cubestream_com


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