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Lunch Ladies Kicked Out Of Western Hemisphere - Head To Eastern Hemisphere For Night of Horror Fest

A Night Of Horror Fest Lunch Ladies

The Lunch Ladies had too much fun at The Morbido Fest in Mexico City and the South African Horrorfest in Cape Town; prompting authorities to tell them to not only get the hell out of dodge but to leave the Western Hemisphere.

It appears that Seretta drank too much Mezcal in Mexico City and knocked over a giant armadillo float during a Day of the Dead Parade wounding a chihuahua and causing horrified participants to scream for cover. Meanwhile down in SA, LouAnne danced naked on a national monument after a wild night tobogganing with locals.

Undaunted, both ladies said they WILL BE BACK then flipped their middle finger to the Western Hemisphere to head to the Eastern Hemisphere for A Night of Horror International Film Festival in Sydney Australia.

Seretta said:"We're beyond thrilled to be an official selection of A Night Of Horror. It'll be nice to head to the Eastern Hemisphere where people aren't so uptight."

LouAnne said: "South Africa is acting like its in the Western Hemisphere so I'm especially excited to be going down under to the REAL Eastern Hemisphere where I can say "Throw another cheerleader on the barbie" without judgement."

Presented by Deadhouse Films, A Night of Horror International Film Festival runs concurrently with the Fantastic Planet Festival from November 29 through December 3, 2017 at Dendy Cinemas Newtown in Sydney, Australia.

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Mexico City Armadillo Float

The Day of the Dead Armadillo float in Mexico that Seretta knocked over.

1820 Settlers Monument

The Monument that LouAnne danced naked on.



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