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Artist Kait Samuels Cooks Up Some Delicious Lunch Ladies Fan Art

Johnny Depp Kait Samuels

The Lunch Ladies, great purveyors of fine art, cannot believe how lucky they are to be adding the incredible work of Kait Samuels to their Musée de Fan Art.

First up, see Objet D'Depper, created with paint and cafeteria food - peas and carrots for hair, noodles for his hot bod, delicate spattered mouth and eyes - the piece is truly steeped in Lunch Lady culture.

Next up - MOVIE SPOILER ALERT - see the lovely Eau De Cheerleader painting - crafted in subtle hues to convey the tender care the Lunch Ladies took in cooking up a delicious meal and solving their cheerleader... mishap. Piece titled: Pothead

Kait Samuels Cheerleader

Seretta said: "With the addition of these incredibly important pieces of work, we have solidified ourselves in the art world. Thank you, Kait."

Louanne said: "LOOK but DO NOT TOUCH! Keep your grubby hands to yourself! These are OURS."

COPIES are available for FREE in our Jacked School Store."


Instagram: @katekait

Pinterest: @katekait



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