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Lunch Ladies Commission New Art - "Out of The Fire Into The Fryin' Pan"

Forever and always art aficionados, the Lunch Ladies are pleased to share their newest commissioned masterpieces for their Musée de Fan Art which they proudly titled:


Art critics everywhere have praised the amazing likeness done by PoorToast Creations, but have turned their noses up at the Lunch Ladies.

Said Professor Sweeney, head of Art Firstly First & Foremost: “Every fool knows it’s 'Out of the FRYIN’ PAN into the FIRE' which means going from bad to worse - not 'Out of the FIRE Into The FRYIN’ Pan.' Those morons have got it completely backasswards.”

When asked for comment, Seretta simply rolled her eyes: “Looks like those idiots from Art Firstly First and Foremost are the morons. We know the saying but we switched it because we never go from bad to worse when dealing with a frying pan. Right sis?”

LouAnne, looking up from minting the new art into NFTs they plan to sell for 1.1Billion: “Exactly! We always go from worse to awesome once fresh meat hits our fryin’ pan. Out of the FIRE into the FRYIN’ pan just like we said! Take that art snobs! Yee haw!”

Follow PoorToast Creations at:


Opeansea: UF0B0X

Redbubble: people/poortoast/shop


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