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Lunch Ladies Duped AGAIN By Johnny Depp Impersonator - In Denial

Johnny Depp

Back in January, the Lunch Ladies were fooled by Johnny Depp impersonator, John Spaziale who showed up at their kitchen with roses claiming to love them. It was only when his mustache fell into the fresh pot pie filling they had just whipped up that they knew they had been duped.

Today, we've got the exclusive shocking story that the Lunch Ladies have been duped a second time by Spaziale. Investigative journalist, Todd McSweeney joins us today to give us the scoop:

"Thank you for having me. Yesterday at approximately two pm central time a video popped up on the Lunch Ladies Facebook feed of "Jack Sparrow" telling them he missed them. The ecstatic Ladies went on to post the clip over and over. After Depp fans across the world called foul play claiming it was no Johnny Depp but it was a Johnny Spaziale, the Lunch Ladies denied ever posting it. We are convinced the Lunch Ladies are lying as usual."

Could this shocking exposé damage the world's biggest Johnny Depp fans? The Lunch Ladies are in denial. Check out the video for yourself!

John Spaziale is a professional Johnny Depp impersonator, a musician, guitarist, painter, barber and natural medicine therapist. Born in Santiago, Chile he lives in Indonesia and has been a fan of Johnny Depp since he was fourteen. At nineteen, Spaziale started imitating The Depper and now fools everyone around him - his favorite Johnny portrayals include Captain Jack Sparrow, Barnabas Collins and Sweeney Todd.

Follow John at:

Facebook: @jacksparrowinternational

Instagram: @johnspaziale



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