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Lunch Ladies Fall For Crazed Fan Who Impersonates Johnny Depp In Order To Hang Out With Them

Johnny Depp

In a strange twist of events, the Lunch Ladies, who pride themselves on being the biggest Johnny Depp fans in the world - having seen every movie and having named their unborn children after him - have admitted they fell for Johnny Depp impersonator, John Spaziale.

It started out innocent enough.

Spaziale saw the movie and loved it:

"Lunch Ladies was the greatest film - I liked everything, the script, how entertaining it was, its characters and the music was perfectly created for the movie."

But loving it wasn't enough. Spaziale had to go one step farther and impersonate The Depper in the hopes he could get close to the Lunch Ladies. He showed up at their kitchen with roses and sweet words. The ladies bought it for a full ten minutes as they chatted him up, fluttered their eyelashes and fawned over him. Rumor has it, they even showed some cleavage.

The fun was cut short when Spaziale's Pirates of the Caribbean mustache fell off.

Said Seretta: "I feel really terrible about myself. He just... he just looked so much like The Depper. I promise you I have been self-flagellating myself all morning."

LouAnne, with tears in her eyes, said: "I hope to Satan that this doesn't get back to Johnny.. I knew it was too good to be true. Damn that Spaziale."

John Spaziale - real name Louis Miguel Soto - is a professional Johnny Depp impersonator, a musician, guitarist, painter, barber and natural medicine therapist. Born in Santiago, Chile he lives in Indonesia and has been a fan of Johnny Depp since he was fourteen. At nineteen, Spaziale started imitating The Depper and now fools everyone around him - his favorite Johnny portrayals include Captain Jack Sparrow, Barnabas Collins and Sweeney Todd.

Follow John at:

Facebook: @jacksparrowinternational

Instagram: @johnspaziale



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