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Lunch Ladies Fingered In Sketchy Spaces Art Heist - Claim Innocence

In despicable Lunch Ladies news today...

The infamous duo has evaded authorities after artist, Tina Granzo, discovered masterpiece #344 was missing from her personal collection.

The drawing, which took Ms. Granzo years of sweat and tears to complete, had a hairnet and pot pie in it. The Lunch Ladies had been eyeing it at Sketchy Spaces for months but refused to cough up any dough because they're cheap AF.

Said, a devastated, Ms. Granzo:

"I woke up early yesterday morning to find that my pièce de résistance, #344 had vanished. In its place was a simple "Thanks Sucker."

Top detective, Sweeney McTodd, was immediately put on the case, but was unable to pin it on the Lunch Ladies even after discovering a mysterious severed finger and a trail of pot pie crumbs all the way back to the dump they call "home."

When questioned the women claimed innocence.

Seretta, lounging on a moldy lawn chair in her backyard and fanning herself with a Jehovah's Witness pamphlet, shook her head: "We're Innocent! Are you done yet, sis? The eels in the pool need fed."

Louanne, standing on a rickety chair, hanging a new piece of artwork in their Musée de FAN ART that looks EXACTLY like #344, screamed "We're Innocent! Feed the damn eels yourself!"

Follow Tina's artwork at:

Website: Facebook: @sketchyspaces

Instagram: @kingofmonsterland Twitter: @TinaGranzo

Sketchy Spaces are wacky little worlds, landscapes, cityscapes, and impossible-scapes made of ink on paper created by Artist, Tina Granzo. In an effort to support and save the post office during the pandemic she created "COVID Postcards." Original drawings with a cool fact on the back about the Post Office, she mails one every single day via USPS. More than 300 to date! Head on over to her site to check out these amazing cards -especially the Lunch Ladies' favorite, #344.


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