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Lunch Ladies Shamelessly Photobomb Voorhees’ Film - 13 Fanboy

The Lunch Ladies are at it again!

This time, they’ve gone above and beyond by shamelessly photobombing Deborah Voorhees’ new film, 13 Fanboy.

The notorious duo knew they had to be part of 13 Fanboy when they learned it told the story of what else? A Fanboy. The Lunch Ladies could relate, being the number one Fangirls of Johnny Depp, so they demanded Voorhees cast them and dump the star-studded cast including Dee Wallace, Corey Feldman, Kane Hodder, Lar Park-Lincoln, Ron Sloan, C.J. Grah, Judie Aronson, Jennifer Banko, and Tracie Savage.

Voorhees was having none of that and told them to get lost.

That’s when the Lunch Ladies sprung into nefarious action. If they couldn’t star, they’d have the next best thing. Photobombing.

First, they fed Voorhees’ security squad a sh*t ton of “delicious” pot pies until they passed out in exhaustion. Then, the sisters stomped right over their snoring bodies, traipsed onto set, superglued their Lunch Ladies banner front and center and took off after stealing all the Red Vines from the craft service table.

Voorhees, who was working on no sleep from days of shooting didn’t even notice the photobomb until it was too late and lamented how obnoxious the banner looked poking out right behind Jennifer Banko and Corey Feldman during the convention scene.

Said Seretta, sharpening the cleavers after a long, albeit successful Friday afternoon lunch: “Sorry Ms. Voorhees.* You know we love you but hey, tough nuts. Our careers come first.”

LouAnne, removing some bloody, fatty gristle clogging up the cafeteria garbage disposal, shrugged: “Yeah totes. Sorry, Deborah, but another win for the Lunch Ladies!

*The Lunch Ladies have been longtime fans of Voorhees who starred in Friday 13th, Part V, A New Beginning, and really glommed on to her after she gave them a thumbs up review in a moment of insanity:

"Lunch Ladies is a hysterical horror comedy that's clearly inspired by offbeat works of Tim Burton and Wes Anderson. The acting, the pacing, cinematography and musical score are all dead on. An absolute delight to watch."

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