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Lunch Ladies Use WWJD Hand Sanitizer Religiously - "Cleanliness Is Next To Depperness"


What Would Johnny Do?

This is what the Lunch Ladies asked after the Melvin High school year was cut short due to the quarantine and they were forced to sanitize.

Seretta, rubbing WWJD sanitizer on her pungent pits, said: "Frankly, we're not very clean, so we weren't that hyped on it, but once we asked "WWJD," we knew we had to change our filthy ways. Tell 'em Lou."

LouAnne, slathering WWJD sanitizer on her ducktail as a pomade, nodded: "After Spirit & Venom sent us some "What Would Johnny Do" hand sanitizer, we had our Come To Depper moment and now sanitize religiously."

BOTH: "Thanks Spirit & Venom Olfactory Arts for teaching us that Cleanliness Is Next To Depperness!"

*If you would like your own WWJD Hand Sanitizer, head over to Spirit & Venom's site, order whatever scent you want, then put in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS that you want the Lunch Ladies' WWJD brand; while you're at it, pick up some of our signature 'Lunch Is Served' Pie Soap - dirty birdies!

Spirit & Venom is a small woman owned business located in Northern NY. They specialize in olfactory creations including perfume oils, extrait de parfums, bath + body products and more. They offer a size-able range of year-round fragrances to choose from, custom fragrance options, as well as quarterly seasonal collections.


Facebook: @spiritandvenom

Instagram: @spiritandvenom




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