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Lunch Ladies Dine On Czech Cook's Stunning Masterpieces - "Now That's What We Call Art!"


The Lunch Ladies are nursing food hangovers after stuffing themselves for hours on Czech cook Monika Pathanová's dishes that were supposed to go in their Musée de Fan Art.

Apparently, the ladies are so busy now with their new "glamorous movie star" lives they have no time to cook for themselves and have been dining for months on Top Ramen and Swizzlers. So, when a trusting Ms. Pathanová FedEx'd her masterpieces all the way from the Czech Republic expecting to be featured in their world famous museum, the ladies ate them instead.

Said Seretta, a hot compress sweating over her protruding tummy: "We haven't had a good flipping meal in months so sometimes you have to eat a masterpiece. Lou, pass me the Alka Seltzer would ya?"

LouAnne, a cold compress brain freezing her forehead, snapped: "Get it yourself! Ugh... I'm so full. Monika, sorry we couldn't put your dishes in the museum, but you shouldn't have made something that not only looked amazing but tasted so good. Let me guess... no cheerleader?"

Monika Pathanová

Monika Pathanová is from the Czech Republic and is the mother of two children. She loves the band The Calling and loves to cook for her family.

Follow Monika Pathanová at:

Instagram: @monikapathanova

Facebook: @monika.pathanova



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