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Lunch Ladies Friend Request Writer/Artist Cory Chandler After Reading The Machete Monologues

The Lunch Ladies are waiting with baited breath in the hopes that their friend request to writer/author Cory Chandler will be accepted. Huge fans of his work: The Machete Monologues, which offer insight and humor into the mind of serial killers; the Lunch Ladies still "have not heard back" but remain optimistic.

Said, Seretta: "It's true that we have not heard back and sure, we only have two people who have ever accepted our friend requests: The Depper and Clarissa Jacobson - that annoying self-promoting writer/producer of the film - but I'm convinced we have a good shot at Cory because he's twisted as F**K and understands serial killers. I mean us."

LouAnne said: "I'm not worried we have not heard back. He's just busy. After all, Cory understands the ramifications of not accepting a friend request from serial killers. I mean us."

*Cory could not be reached for comment about whether he will accept the request to be the Lunch Ladies third Facebook friend or not. However, his publicist did mention they will be suing the Lunch Ladies for illegally downloading The Machete Monologues as well as Cory's illustration (pictured above) - which the Ladies really relate to - entitled:

What the Fuck Am I?

Cory Chandler is an artist, illustrator and novelist whose writing has appeared in a number of anthologies, most recently, The Monsters Who Loved Me, Weekly Weird Monthly, Fossil Lake II, and The Storyteller Speaks: Rare and Different Fictions of the Grateful Dead. He is also a former journalist who won a Texas Associated Press Managing Editors Award for deadline writing as well as Hearst Newspapers' Eagle Award.

"I write. I draw. I make dark, pretty things."

Follow Cory at:


Twitter: @dark_writes



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