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"Welcome to the Bungle!" Special Lunch Ladies PSA: Please Watch This Compelling Archival Footage

Please watch this very important archival footage on how a student SHOULD act in the Lunch Room to see a fascinating argument as to why shit went down at Melvin High where Bunglemania reigns and every single student is a Bungle.

Welcome to the Bungle By The Lunch Ladies with a special thank you to Guns 'n Roses

Welcome to the Bungle we are underpaid Everybody gives us hell and we are takin' names We are the ladies that can cook up any old thing

If you piss us off delinquentz, we got sweet ideas

In the Bungle, welcome to the Bungle Watch it bring us to our sha na na na na knees knees We wanna watch you bleed

Welcome to the Bungle we take it day by day If you push us you gonna bleed sorry it's the price you pay And we're very sexy ladies but the Depper's very hard to please We can taste the bright lights but we won't get there for free In the Bungle welcome to the Bungle Feel our, our, our serpentine We, we wanna hear you scream...



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