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Lunch Ladies Dupe Filmmakers of She Was So Pretty Into Screening With Them For The SECOND TIME

Days Of The Dead Horror Convention

The Lunch Ladies are celebrating after duping filmmakers of She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake for a SECOND time.

Said Seretta, downing a shot of Jagermeister: "Honestly, I wasn't quite sure we could pull it off. That was UNTIL we came up with the idea of using smoke and mirrors to completely f**k with their heads. Before they knew it they had asked us to open for them at Days of The Dead Convention along with that other sucker who had no choice in the matter. "

LouAnne, sipping absinthe from a plastic kegger cup, laughed, "Seretta is such a worry wart sometimes. Using the art of smoke and mirrors ALWAYS works. Especially on pushovers like Dirt Candy Productions. Thanks guys!"

Lunch Ladies plays with She Was So Pretty and Compulsion on February 3 at 8PM in Atlanta for the Days of The Dead Blue Track which is presented by Nathan Hamilton of Son of Celluloid.

Get tickets HERE!

Where Horror Comes to Party! Days of The Dead is a horror convention full of special events tailored just for fans, an active after hours scene of horror themed parties, and a massive guest list of the hottest celebrity guests, artists, and up and coming independent film makers.

Follow Days of the Dead Convention at:


Facebook: @DaysOfTheDead

Facebook: @DOTDBlueTrack

Twitter: @DaysOfTheDead13

She Was So Pretty

She Was So Pretty: Be Good For Goodness Sake by Dirt Candy Productions is the sequel to She Was So Pretty and is about a creep named Alfie and his misunderstood love.


Facebook: @begoodforgoodnesssake

Instagram: @alfredjamesellis

Twitter: @shewassopretty

Compulsion by Brian Sepanzyk and Nick Yacyshyn is about a serial killer and his demons: To give in, the blood must flow.


Follow Compulsion at:

Facebook: @compulsionhorror Vimeo: @briantologist Trailer



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