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Lunch Ladies Start Hairnet Club - First 25 To Sign Up Get Free Hairnet

Hairnet Club

The dark web has confirmed that the Lunch Ladies have started their own Hairnet Club in an effort to legitimize the bastard child of fashion. Sources say they are offering FREE HAIRNETS to the first 25 people who contact them HERE and promise to send a photo.

Said Seretta, testing netting from several hairnet companies vying for the Lunch Ladies seal of approval: "We are sick and tired of being made fun of, ridiculed, and spurned over wearing hairnets. It's time to bring this stylish and useful item into the light and show everyone the power of the hairnet."

LouAnne, modeling a blood red hairnet for Fashion Shots at the strip mall out on highway 76 (mention Lunch Ladies and you get 10% off!), added: "Hairnet wearers unite! Don't be shy! Contact us NOW for details on this amazing opportunity!"

*Side note: Two weeks ago, the Lunch Ladies held a competition called Hairnet Nation to design stickers to help promote the club. They were incredibly pleased with the results:

Pair Nets by Craig Mills was the winner followed closely by:

Power Trip - Elizabeth De Guzman

Kitty Litter - Suzanne Falk (inspired by Christal's hairnutty cats - Vladmir the Impawler & October)

EDG Jewlery

Suzanne Falk

Much love to the Garcia Sisters of The Night Owl Chronicles who were our first member:

The Garcia Sisters


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