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Newest Hairnet Club Member Tells Lunch Ladies She Dreams Of A World Where Every Cat Has A Hairnet

Hairnet Club

JUST IN! The Lunch Ladies' newest Hairnet Club member, a silky black cat by the name of Jaeger, told the women that she dreams of a world where every feline, rich or poor, fat or skinny, ugly or beautiful, will be able to wear a hairnet.

The Lunch Ladies are deeply moved.

A few months ago, the Lunch Ladies started the Hairnet Club in an effort to legitimize the bastard child of fashion but had no idea the club would bring hope to so many:

Said Seretta, petting one of their five mangy cats that have run of their rambler home: "We knew there were others who would find solace in the hairnet, but when Jaeger sent us those photos and told us how she felt, we knew we had made a difference in the world."

LouAnne, vacuuming up sh*tloads of cat hair from their shag carpet, nodded: "People ask how we communicate with cats. It's simple, we're cat ladies. If you're a cat lady you know. Anyhow, we couldn't be more pleased that our Hairnet Club has inspired all creatures great and small."

If you, like Jaeger, are inspired, join the Lunch Ladies Hairnet Club by contacting us HERE!

Hairnet Club

Jaeger, short for Jägermeister, is sister to Maverick (pictured below) and is owned by Melissa Dina McCarty, a horror queen and huge supporter of indie film. The Lunch Ladies met Melissa at Nightmares Film Fest in October of last year. Jaeger loves to eat lamb chunks from Maverick’s dog food, will kill and eat bugs - especially flies, and her favorite snacks are plastic bags and plain chicken.

*She also loves a mean pot pie.

Hairnet Club


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