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TromaDance Film Festival Sinks To An All Time Low And Programs Lunch Ladies

The dark web has confirmed that Troma Entertainment has sunk to an all time low by programming the Lunch Ladies for TromaDance Detroit Film Festival. Reporters have said: "This is shocking even for Troma."

Apparently, Troma Entertainment is responsible for some of the most reprehensible cinema on the planet; most famously The Toxic Avenger - a sick piece of cinema about a 98-pound weakling who falls into a drum of toxic waste and becomes a hideously deformed super hero. The Avenger, otherwise known as "Toxie" is now played by disturbed Lunch Ladies fan, Jerry Reeves*.

Said, Seretta, squeezing into a skin tight leopard spandex dress that she plans to wear at the event: "Troma has always been about the underdog and being a Lunch Lady at Melvin High where you get zero respect has earned us the right to screen there. Lou, zip, me up."

LouAnne, in a stained wife beater watching Edward Scissorhands for the 100th time, groaned: "I'm trying to watch The Depper, but okay. As for TromaDance. If people don't like it they can lump it. 663 films (3 shy of 666) entered the festival and they only chose 32 - we were one of them. Obviously, they have no taste. Thanks TromaDance for the selection!

The TromaDance Film Festival is a free annual independent film festival organized by Troma Entertainment. Founded in 1999, TromaDance was originally held in Park City, Utah as a giant F-you to Sundance who only screened what the Lunch Ladies like to refer to as "important" films. Years later TromaDance relocated to New York City and Detroit and programmed the reprehensible Lunch Ladies. The Lunch Ladies screen at 1:30pm on Saturday, June 16!

Troma Dance Detroit

Website: Facebook: @TromadanceDetroit

*Jerry Reeves, an actor in Alabama, was one of the first fans of the Lunch Ladies and is now as twisted as they are. He will make his debut as The Toxic Avenger in Dolly Deadly 2, this summer, watch for it!

Jerry Reeves The Toxic Avenger

Follow Jerry at:

Facebook: @jerry.reeves.7370

Instagram: @jerry_toxie_reeves



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