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Lunch Ladies Score Sweet Write-Up From Horrorscreams Video Vault After Locking Reviewer In Dungeon

Horrorscreams Videovault

The Lunch Ladies have scored a sweet write-up from UK website Horrorscreams Video Vault after locking their unsuspecting journalist, Steven West, in their personal dungeon.

West who had dared to tell the Lunch Ladies he wanted nothing to do with them, was forced to pen this review in order to gain his freedom:

"...the technically polished movie captures the look of certain latter-day Waters pictures as the plot briskly ventures down a splashy path of dismemberment..."

Read the full coerced story HERE!

According to Detective Sweeney McTodd who is on the case, West was abducted outside his flat sometime in the early morning by the Lunch Ladies who were spotted in a jacked Buick disguised with a mildewed Union Jack blanket on the roof.

West was then shipped back (via steamer boat) to the Lunch Ladies home in the states and subjected to 50 hours in a dungeon filled with raccoon feces and Johnny Depp memorabilia.

West who is recovering from the incident at a local sanatorium could only mumble "Those Lunch Ladies are a bloody menace."

When the Lunch Ladies were asked if they were worried they had gone too far, they said:

"Life is too short to worry about illegal abductions. Thanks Steve for the awesome review!"

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