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Inspired by Wile E. Coyote, Lunch Ladies Dump Months Of News On Unsuspecting Folks All At Once

It's been a while since the Lunch Ladies have bragged by blog about what they've been up to, giving folks around the world a much-needed respite. Some thought it was because they were no longer narcissists, but in-depth investigative reports confirmed otherwise.

Apparently, Seretta and LouAnne have been saving up all their blog news to dump on unsuspecting folks after being inspired by Wile E. Coyote.

Said Seretta, illegally downloading Looney Toons from her favorite torrent site: "Believe it or not, it got tiring bragging every week about sh*t we were doing. We just wanted to chill. That's when Lou got the great idea to channel the spirit of Wile E."

LouAnne, copying the Toons onto DVDs they'll be selling on eBay under code name "Willy Wonka," nodded: "We've been partying our as*es off all year, but sometimes the partying has to stop, and bragging has to start. Therefore, as Wile E. is crushed by rocks, we shall annihilate you with news.

Both: "Enjoy a recap of all you've missed, suckers!"

Screenings Coming Up The Ladies Want To Dump On You:

Bloody Week-end Audincourt - France

Curtcircuit33 - Barcelona - On TV! Les Imaginales Hosted By Strasbourg Fantastic Festival - France

Tromadance - New York

Awards The Ladies Won Since They Last Blowed Their Horns:

Film Threat Award This! Best Short 2019

Gruesome Magazine - 2018 Best Short Horror Film

Landshut Short Film Festival - Deadline Audience Award

Montevideo Fantástico - Audience Choice Best Film

Rondo Awards - Runner Up Best Short 2018

Film Festivals The Ladies Attended Since They Last Annoyed You:

Con Nooga hosted by Tennessee Horror News - Tennessee

MotelX in Coimbra - Portugal

Movi'lha - Portugal

Slaughter Movie House Short Film Night - Missouri

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