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Breaking News! America Ships The Lunch Ladies Back To The Netherlands For Lowlands Festival

Lowlands Festival

Breaking news! America is breathing a sigh of relief after shipping the Lunch Ladies back to the Netherlands for the Lowlands Festival and are hopeful they won't return.

It all started back in April, in a shocking show of poor taste, when the 34th Annual Imagine Film Fest in Amsterdam purposely screened the Lunch Ladies. Three months later, in an even more shocking show of poor taste, those crazy Dutch programmers have decided to bring the troublemakers back to the Netherlands as part of a shorts showcase at the Lowlands Festival.

Trust us. You couldn't get any lower than the Lunch Ladies. But we digress.

Doctor Sweeney McTodd, MD, prominent Psychologist and Professor Emeritus at Harvard, sat down with us to discuss the probability of the Lunch Ladies moving to Holland after the festival and leaving the USA alone:

"It's an interesting hypothesis. Firstly, the Lunch Ladies love the Netherlands. Secondly, Imagine Film Fest agreed to the Lunch Ladies stipulation back in April of no clogs. Thirdly, most Dutch speak English so the lazy Lunch Ladies won't have to learn a new language... it's promising. One thing is certain. Everyone in America needs to personally thank Imagine Film Fest for giving us hope!"

The Lunch Ladies screened at the Imagine Film Fest for the Kick-Ass Women Shorts Program at the EYE Museum and will now be part of the Imagine Shorts Showcase heading to Lowlands Fest in Biddinghuizen (about one hour outside Amsterdam) at Walibi Holland. The festival runs from August 17-19. Details on screening to be announced soon!

Imagine Film Festival

The Imagine Film Fest is THE festival for fantastic film in the Netherlands. Now in its 34th year, Imagine presents the best in fantasy, science ficition, horror, anime, martial arts and cult.

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The Lowlands Festival is a three day event with music, art, theatre and film that draws 55,000 people a year and now draws the Lunch Ladies. The United States is aflutter with excitement at the possibility: could the duo stay in Holland for eternity?

Lowlands Fest

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