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Lunch Ladies Now Streaming On Kanopy Forcing Delinquents Everywhere To Use Library Cards

In addition to the recent shocking news that the Lunch Ladies have invaded living rooms by hijacking airplay on Prime Video & Canal+ - they now have gotten "sweet revenge" by forcing delinquents to use library cards on Kanopy.

What's Kanopy?

Said Seretta, shamelessly plagiarizing Wikipedia: "Kanopy is an on-demand streaming video platform for public libraries and educational institutions that offers viewers a large collection of award-winning films."

Said Louanne, shamelessly plagiarizing Kanopy's website: "There's over 30,000 films entirely free with a library card from participating libraries. Stream films anytime, anywhere on your preferred device."

(LouAnne's preferred device is a brand new shiny iPhone she "miraculously found" in a student's locker, and Seretta's preferred device is a brand new shiny Roku she "miraculously found" in Principal Grossfetig's desk while he was annoying overworked teachers by ducking into their classrooms.)

Apparently, anyone can simply sign up with Kanopy and use a participating library card.

However, it's the STUDENTS being forced to use library cards that have warmed the cockles of the Lunch Ladies' black hearts the most:

BOTH: "After years of delinquentz giving us crap, we've now turned the tables by making them go to the library! Thanks Kanopy for such sweet revenge!"

Reviews on Kanopy:

Forbes says: "One of the most unique and compelling film collections in the world."

IndieWire says: "A free streaming nirvana."

New York Times says: "A garden of cinematic delights"

The Lunch Ladies say: "Haha, delinquentz, you gotta use your library card."

*Special thank you to the Lunch Ladies' beleaguered sales rep Ouat Media for hooking up another great streaming company!

See the Lunch Ladies on Kanopy HERE

Kanopy Lunch Ladies

See the Lunch Ladies on Prime Video HERE

Prime Video Lunch Ladies

France and her territories can see the Lunch Ladies on Canal+ at MyCanal

Canal+ My Canal Lunch Ladies



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