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"I Made A Short Film Now WTF Do I Do With It" - Obnoxious Lunch Ladies Catalyst For Book

The dark web has confirmed that the obnoxious Lunch Ladies are still up to their old tricks. This time they were the catalyst for the book "I Made A Short Film Now WTF Do I Do With It - (a guide to film festivals, promotion, and surviving the ride)."

Apparently, writer/producer, Clarissa Jacobson, was so annoyed at all the sh*t she had to learn because of the Lunch Ladies, that she sat down, bled over her typewriter and penned this how-to guide to help fools like her who have short films and don't know WTF to do with them.

Recuperating at a wellness spa under doctor's orders, an exhausted, selfless Clarissa mustered the strength to say:

"Every single day for over a year those b*tches demanded constant attention. Film festivals, promotion, interviews, podcasts... they made my life a living hell. Plus, the Lunch Ladies were embarrassing, I was always doing damage control. At least something positive came out of it: a book to help others."

When asked for comment the Lunch Ladies rolled their eyes and said:

"Wah, wah, Cry-Baby us a river. Now, go buy her book so we can get our commission and visit the Depper in France."

Read a Sample Chapter HERE!

I Made A Short Film Now WTF Do I Do With It is jam-packed with hard-earned knowledge, tips, and secrets on how to enter film festivals, promote your movie… and SUCCEED! It covers everything from what festivals to submit to, how to maximize your money, secure an international presence, deal with rejection, gain publicity, harness the power of social media, what a sales rep does and much more.

Included are exclusive filmmaker discounts on services/products from the festival platform, Reelport, subtitling company, Captionmax, and promo merchandisers, MediasFrankenstein and The Ink Spot.

Buy Digital on Amazon for $14.95

Buy Hard Copy $19.95 Direct From Clarissa - Contact her HERE

*Book Design By Rebecca Kelleher Design *Cover Illustration By Hallie Brown



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