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Japan! Lunch Ladies To Stream on Channel Osorezone After Shipping Sushi Pot Pie To Japanese Execs

The dark web has confirmed that the Lunch Ladies have been wearing Kabuki make up to Melvin High and studying the ancient art of Japanese fan language (to flirt with Johnny Depp), in celebration of their newest distribution deal on Japan's SVOD Channel - Osorezone.

The Japanese, who have never bowed down to the Lunch Ladies unholy demands to screen in their hallowed country, buckled under pressure after top Osorezone Execs received "super fresh" sushi pot pie via international courier - Ouat Media.

Said Seretta, forcing her size eleven dogs into size 6 Getas: "For over two years we've been trying to infiltrate the Land of the Rising Sun to hang out with Pokémon and Ken Watanabe. Just when it seemed like there was no hope, LouAnne hit on a genius idea. Tell 'em Lou."

LouAnne, sipping sake and topping it off with a Colt 45 chaser, nodded: "Our pot pies have been a hit around the world, but the Japanese weren't impressed. That's when I realized we needed to speak their language - fresh, raw, oh so raw, SUSHI pot pie. After that we were IN!"

Seretta and Louanne: "Thanks Osorezone for screening us in Japan and kudos to our distributor - Ouat Media - for delivering the pie!"

Look for Lunch Ladies starting in December on Osorezone!

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