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Lunch Ladies Glom On To The World Premiere Of A Very Important Film At Unnamed Footage Fest

Defying All Logic News!

The Lunch Ladies have elbowed their way into another screening; this time by glomming onto the theatrical world premiere of A Very Important Film at the Unnamed Footage Festival in San Francisco.

The filmmakers of A Very Important Film are NOT happy.

Said, Very Important Filmmakers, writer/producer Clarissa Jacobson and director, Shayna Weber: "This is f*cked up."

Apparently, the two women made A Very Important Film to clear their names after having been part of the unimportant Lunch Ladies and had high hopes of being distanced from the obnoxious duo.


When the Lunch Ladies heard the news that Unnamed Footage Festival programmed A Very Important Film, they demanded they too be screened. Unnamed Footage Festival, apparently having no backbone, caved.

When asked for comment, Jacobson and Weber said they were "devastated," but would be attending the screening in hopes they could sabotage it.*

A Very Important Film screens with Lunch Ladies on Leap Year, Saturday, February 29 at the Balboa Theatre. Details HERE! You can also catch both shorts on blu-ray and Troma Now!

*It's rumored that Jacobson and Weber have procured the talents of Alicia Ho, set designer for Lunch Ladies, to attend the festival and help with the subversion.

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For Extra Credit, check out The Overlook Hour Podcast #162 where they interview Clarissa - The Overlook Hour is run by programmers from the festival!

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