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Lunch Ladies Hop On Board Argo, Offer Golden Pot Pie In Lieu Of Golden Fleece

In mythology today…

The ancient oracle has foretold that:

The Lunch Ladies have once again* bullied their way onto a new streaming platform - Argo Media - to annoy and plague the viewing public.

If you’re up on your Greek Mythology (and isn’t everyone?) like the Lunch Ladies, you know that “Argo” refers to Jason’s ship which sailed in search of the Golden Fleece - a symbol of authority and kingship - much like the Lunch Ladies’ "special" pot pies.

Said, Seretta, donning a moldy, terry cloth toga and a hemlock laurel around her sweaty brow: "Since Jason procured the golden fleece centuries ago, we knew Argo Media was going to come up empty-handed on their voyage. Tell ‘em, Lou."

LouAnne, sporting raccoon fur gladiator sandals and whipping up some Spanakopita from meat she “processed” last year during Melvin High’s Greek Dayz, explained: “That’s when we came up with the idea to bribe Argo execs with our golden pot pie in lieu of golden fleece, and guess what, they fell for it!”

Both: "Thanks Argo Media for taking us on your journey, ya chumps! Pot pie forever!"

*The dynamic duo continues to seek world domination - they currently stream on: Prime Video, Kanopy, Troma Now!, Dark Matter TV, Hellarious Blu-Ray, Curtcircuit 33 in Barcelona.

Argo Media is a new online platform which streams some of the best short films around the world and provides fair and transparent revenue sharing for filmmakers and partners. Sign up and see Lunch Ladies for FREE! Follow Argo Media at:


Facebook: @watchargo

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