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Lunch Ladies Make A Mockery Out Of Mockfest By Tagging Along With A Very Important Film


The Lunch Ladies are once again acting like a*sholes by making a mockery out of Hollywood's Mockfest Film Festival.

It all started when Mockfest programmed the compelling documentary, A Very Important Film.

Said, Mockfest officials:

"A Very Important Film is a heart-wrenching cinematic masterpiece created by important filmmaker Clarissa Jacobson. It details her deep depression at having been the creator of the unimportant Lunch Ladies film. It is, frankly, astounding."

The Lunch Ladies, jealous of Mockfest's love for A Very Important Film, swung into action immediately by employing Stage 5 Clinger tactics to secure a screening.

Said Seretta, tattooing "I love Mockfest" on her double Ds with a penknife, "First we bombarded Mockfest with texts and phone calls demanding a selection."

LouAnne, tattooing "I love Mockfest" on her wiry bicep with a sharpened BIC pen, continued: "Then we stalked them like any girlfriend would. It worked like a charm!"

Both: "Thanks Mockfest for allowing us to make a mockery of you and programming us with A Very Important Film!"

The Mockfest Film Festival will be online December 11, 2020.

Details posted HERE!

Buy Tickets HERE!

Mockfest Film Festival is a 12 year running comedy event, taking place in Hollywood, CA. They specialize in screening mockumentary films and celebrate the craft of comedy from all angles, from family friendly to dark and gritty and everything in-between. Mockfest's goal is to honor the legends who have crafted and molded the genre into what it has become today and showcase the amazing and unsung talent of tomorrow!

Follow Mockfest Film Fest at:

Facebook: @MockFilmFest



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