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Lunch Ladies Schmooze Their Way Onto Hellarious Blu-Ray Anthology - Piss Off A Very Important Film

Top sources have confirmed that the Lunch Ladies, who have been wreaking havoc for two straight years, have now pissed off A Very Important Film.

Apparently, the Lunch Ladies flipped their middle finger to all that is holy and sacred in cinema by schmoozing their way onto the new comedy/horror anthology - Hellarious - a Blu-Ray which includes six other shorts and A Very Important Film.

Having its exclusive world premiere on Hellarious, A Very Important Film had hoped to capitalize on its importance, but now with Lunch Ladies on the roster, they're concerned people will think the film is less important than it is. Said Clarissa Jacobson, estranged creator of Lunch Ladies, now recovering important filmmaker:

"A Very Important Film is about ME. An important woman who made a film named Lunch Ladies and realized it wasn't important and has now made something important. The Lunch Ladies are once again ruining my chance at importance! I shall sue!"

When asked for comment, anthology creator, Jason Tostevin mourned that he had no choice but to include the Lunch Ladies on Hellarious after the Ladies wore him down by wining and dining him on delicious finger food.

Hellarious is a limited-edition Blu-ray release. In addition to Lunch Ladies, and the world premiere of A Very Important Film, the anthology includes the following shorts: Horrific, Death Metal, Born Again, 'Til Death, Killer Kart, and Bitten.

Preorder your Hellarious Blu-Ray HERE!

Read the Official Hellarious Press Release HERE.

Click to see the full Cast, Crew, and Special Thanks of Lunch Ladies!

Wreak Havoc Horror Film Festival

PS. The Lunch Ladies would also like to announce their official selection in the aptly titled Wreak Havoc Horror Film Fest in Greensboro, North Carolina, September 20th and 21st. Exact screening date and time will be posted HERE.

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