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Lunch Ladies to Screen on The Monster Channel – Tell Hosts: “Suck It Up.”

Just in! The Lunch Ladies will be screening on The Monster Channel!

Geez who cares?! Do these women ever let up with the flipping promotion? We wish.

Case and point: The Lunch Ladies JUST invaded homes by screening on ALTER’s YouTube Channel. You would think 183K views and counting would be enough for these gluttons, but no, they’ve also demanded a screening from The Monster Channel.

This isn’t the first time they’ve pressured the popular streamer.

In the past, the dynamic duo weaseled their way on to The Monster Channel’s podcast, not one, not two, but an astounding THREE times by hassling the reluctant hosts until they caved.

You would think three times would be enough, but for the Lunch Ladies, think again.

Seretta, picking larvae out of some pasty flour she’s making pot pie dough from, cackled, “Three times is for quitters. We’re not quitters, we’re like juicy ticks on greasy scalps, we never let go, so, we’ve pressured ‘em a fourth. Tell ‘em Lou!”

LouAnne, churning a boiling vat of “filling” nodded, “Suck it up, Monster Channel, four times a charm. You're gonna screen all eighteen exhausting, tedious minutes of the Lunch Ladies and like it!”

Both: “Thanks Monster Channel!"

The Ladies will screen on Friday, August 5 at 6:15PM PST with a super special introduction by hosts Halloween Jack, Slash Cooper, Foxi Roxi, Mr. Multo, The Bone Jangler, Vincent Grimmly, Octavian Hallow and their nutty writer/producer Clarissa Jacobson. Further, A Very Important Film will screen after so tune in!

The Monster Channel was created as a tribute to both horror hosts and the viewers who love the genre. The channel includes the best from the current horror hosting genre as well as exclusive hosts and content. The Channel screens 365 days a year on multiple platforms.


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