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Old News! Lunch Ladies Screens On Catalonia's Curtcircuit 33 TV Show - Crew Avoids Tapas

Old News, but sh*t you need to know!

The Lunch Ladies garnered a spot on Catalonia's Curtcircuit 33 TV Program and showed up to set with "special" tapas as a "thank you."

Apparently, the women have been twice to Catalonia - once for Filmets Festival and once for CryptShow Fest. But it wasn't enough for the greedy Lunch Ladies, so they pestered an exhausted Agusti Argelich, director of Curtcircuit 33 to program them on the TV show until they got their way.

Said Seretta, fluttering her fake eyelashes: "I know it's been hard on Mr. Argelich. That's why we wanted to show our gratitude by bringing some "special" tapas to set. It was the least we could do. Right, Lou?"

LouAnne, decorating their special tapas with wilted sprigs of parsley, nodded: "Plus, we had all those... parts.... lying around our kitchen. It would have been wasteful to throw them away. Who better to give them to than our friends in Catalonia!?"

Both: "Thanks Agusti for programming us on Curtcircuit 33!"

Meanwhile, a beleaguered and exhausted Argelich, moaned: "All day we had to avoid the craft table."

Tapas for all!

The Lunch Ladies screened in July on the program and forgot to publish this blog because they were stalking The Depper, so yes this is old news.

*In addition to being the director of Curtcircuit 33, Agusti Argelich is also the artistic director and programmer of Filmets Festival and has had to deal with the Lunch Ladies for far too long. Back in October, he hosted them in Badalona, Barcelona for Filmets while Toni Benages, the programmer for CryptShow, dealt with them in June - awarding Composer Antoni M. March and Fire The Animal Best Soundtrack for the film.

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