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Evil Dick Woos The Lunch Ladies With Romantic Heartfelt Poetry

Evil Dick

Just In! It appears that a disturbed man by the name of Evil Dick is attempting to get some hot action from the Lunch Ladies by bedazzling them with poetry on demand.

Before we let him roll, let us paint the heartwarming picture:

Seretta and LouAnne, blood spattered across their faces, relax in front of Thomas Kinkade's "Twilight Cottage", flutter their eyes, and show some cleavage while Evil Dick, caressing his beard, spews forth the dulcet words of a man in love:

It's Lunch and the Ladies are a raring to go. The Principal is angry so it's time for the show.

Cooking up some pies that are simply to die. For.

The bosses approval, is what they will try. For.

I sure wouldn't want those two knocking on my door!**

As the population drops, the people eat pies. More.

You'll have to watch the feature, if you want to find out. More.

About the Lunch Ladies Recipe!

**Evil Dick playing hard to get

That was great, Evil Dick, but don't you know the Lunch Ladies only have eyes for Johnny Depp?

Richard Aiken

Raised in Southern California, Richard Aiken, known as Evil Dick, is a comedian and entrepreneur who began doing poetry on demand for fun. He runs a personal and business development company known as "Genius for Dummies" and also performs every Monday Night in the long running DING DONG SHOW at the world famous Comedy Store. Get FREE tickets HERE (2 drink min).

If that's not enough, Evil Dick can be seen at Derby's Bar & Grill as featured on "Bar Rescue" every first and third Tuesday of the month. He also does a podcast via Periscope every Wednesday at 6 pm PST.



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