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We Are Moving Stories Pulls Off The Impossible! A Moving Interview About the Lunch Ladies!

Who knew it was even possible! BUT YES! We Are Moving Stories was able to pull off a moving interview with ME about the Lunch Ladies.

Founder, Carmela Baranowska, the mastermind behind the site which promotes short films and loves to emphasize women's voices (even the Lunch Ladies twisted voices) started the site to "celebrate filmmakers, films, issues and concerns that would otherwise be forgotten." The website, started in April, 2016 now has over 1,200 films and 900,000 page views.

And now Lunch Ladies is part of it!

Read the interview HERE

Carmela Baranwoska is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker, and the founder of We Are Moving Stories.

Facebook group: wearemovingstories Instagram: wearemovingstories Twitter: @WMoving_S Website:



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